As a Free and Open Source Software project, STINGER receives design input and code development from the original developers, users, and the broader graph analytics community. It has been used and extended under a number of government and industry funded projects. STINGER is available under the BSD license for you to use and hack on as you see fit. We are happy to accept any feedback, requests, and code that you wish to contribute. The current experimental version of STINGER is hosted on  Feel free to submit patches, pull requests, and issues.  

Older versions of STINGER can be accessed read-only through our Subversion repository is publicly available and frequent contributors and collaborators may request write access to either repository.  Please see the download page for even more information.

Developers at Georgia Tech and GTRI


  • Speed: millions of updates per second on commodity hardware.
  • Scale: graphs with millions to billions of vertices and edges.
  • Simplicity: simple code with provided conveniences to allow developers to focus on the algorithms and data, not the data structure.
  • Vertices with:
  • Edges with:
    • Edge Type
    • Weight
    • Timestamps
    • Adjacent vertices of any type
    • Developer-extendable attributes