An extensible data structure for massive streaming graphs
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stinger_vb Struct Reference

A vertex block in STINGER. More...

#include <stinger-internal.h>

Data Fields

int64_t vtype
int64_t weight
int64_t inDegree
int64_t outDegree
eb_index_t edges

Detailed Description

A vertex block in STINGER.

Field Documentation

eb_index_t stinger_vb::edges

Pointer to the first edge block of this vertex

Referenced by stinger_edgeblocks(), stinger_iterator_next_block_by_vtx(), and stinger_sort_edge_list().

int64_t stinger_vb::inDegree
int64_t stinger_vb::outDegree
int64_t stinger_vb::vtype

Vertex type

Referenced by stinger_set_vtype(), and stinger_vtype().

int64_t stinger_vb::weight

Vertex weight

Referenced by stinger_set_vweight(), and stinger_vweight().

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